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Yelp Advertising is Worth It

Is Yelp Advertising worth the money? We think it is.


Spending money on digital marketing and advertising can get complex and expensive as you look for the best way to target your potential customers. If you are a business that services a local area you may be considering advertising with Yelp or maybe you already are advertising with Yelp and need better results.  This article will help you determine if Yelp is worth it for you.

Utilized by over 32 million devices, Yelp has set a standard for businesses to connect with their customers, and vice-versa, it\’s apparent that Yelp is doing something right. For a local business, it is important to get in front of the right audience at the right time to convert more business.

So what are the benefits of Yelp for a Business?

Here are 5 of the best reasons why Yelp Advertising is worth it.

  1. 97% of Yelp users make a purchase at a nearby business after searching Yelp. – SurveyMonkey 2019
  2. Yelp is the 44th most visited website in the United States. – Alexa
  3. Over 92 million unique mobile users a month. – Yelp
  4. Yelp visitors are ready to buy, so you get to skip the whole customer or buyer’s journey because you are connected directly to customers looking to make a purchase.
  5. Yelp Advertising allows businesses to use a flexible monthly. For more benefits see the Yelp Advertising Partner section below.


So is Yelp Advertising worth the money?

A better question to ask yourself is “Do I need or want more customers now?”

If you are not looking to grow your business through new customers, then advertising isn’t right for you.  For the majority of businesses, we need customers now and a steady stream of new customers for the future and this is why Yelp Advertising is worth the money.  They can deliver new customers today and for the future of your business.  Though Yelp Advertising alone is good, working with a Yelp Advertising Partner can bring even more benefits and customers.

Get displayed above all other business profiles.  

Yelp Recommended Ad



Get ad placement on basic competitor profiles and get competitor ads removed from your business profile.  Yelp Ads Screenshot


Yelp Advertising  Partners add more value and benefits.

Yelp has a great partnership with Digital Marketing Agencies that allow them to add more value to local businesses through their Yelp Advertising Partnership.  Solutionarian is proud to be a Yelp Advertising Partner.

What a local business gets in addition when they work with a Yelp Advertising Partner:

  • Exclusive promotions and pricing
  • Enhanced targeted service area by County, City, Zip Code…
  • No monthly contracts, stop and start your campaigns any time.
  • More ways to optimize your Yelp Ads. (Keyword targeting, Negative keywords, Ad Goals…)
  • Enhanced Yelp Analysis and UTM tracking.
  • Profile Enhancements (Business Highlights, Verified License, Portfolio, Logo…)
  • Payment Options – Credit Card, Check, Paypal…

“Yelp advertising is very easy to use but it has some serious limitations in terms of managing your campaign. Unlike Google Ads, Yelp doesn’t provide much freedom in terms of fine-tuning your ad campaign. For instance, you can’t specify certain keywords to target. This is a huge drawback especially when it’s supposed to be a premier advertising option for local businesses. \”(

“Unlike Google AdWords where you have complete control over the keywords and topics, you have a limited idea in the Yelp ad platform.”  (


If you use a Yelp Advertising Partner, you have control over keywords, categories, daily budgets, geographies, and more.

On top of having these great benefits when you work with a Yelp Advertising Partner, you also receive insight from digital marketing experts looking to grow your brand and sales revenue on demand.

If you need help with advertising or digital marketing, get in touch with us.


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