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Your company and your company website are important.  However, how can you get your website seen?  Backlinks have been the backbone of most website rankings. When working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks is a word you may frequent your reports.  Companies can have thousands of backlinks.  However, what are they?  What purpose do they serve?

In this article

At Solutionarian Marketing, we help clients increase their visibility through digital marketing.  We are well versed in creating backlinks.  We want to give you the information you need to understand and create your company’s backlinks and increase your reputation.


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that are on other websites that aren’t your own that direct to your website.  Essentially, these links are drawing attention to your website and services through other platforms.  It can be in the form of directories, partner pages, or social media platforms.  Creating backlinks is an SEO strategy that can potentially boost your Google, Bing, and other popular search engine positions.  The more credible websites that display your website, the higher your ranking can be.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are important for your company because while search engines send their crawlers to the millions of websites, your website will be there.  Your website is great, having social media accounts is great, however, the more directories your company is on the better.  Strong and popular backlinks will increase the popularity of your website and services.

What’s the best way to build backlinks?

Where should you start?  Because of Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm update, Google has now created strong and weak backlinks.  What this means is that you must be a bit strategic about which directories you use.  Unfortunately, volume does not always mean better.  Don’t worry, we’ll give you the insider scoop to build your backlinks.

Should you pay a 3rd party service to blast your website?

There are pros and cons to paying an automation system to list your website.  Before paying anything, you should do as much on your own as possible.  It’s not hard!  All you need is a little bit of time.  The problem with paying for a 3rd party that will promise your website on over 100 different websites, is the impact of those websites.  Because of Google’s algorithm, you need to know which websites will boost your popularity.

Which websites have high credibility for backlinks?

There are so many different directories, most are free, however some, you may have to pay for.  You must be careful and do your due diligence research before paying for anything.  You can get a good reputation and ranking using free directories if the right ones.

How can you build effective backlinks in a competitive market?

San Jose is a very competitive city.  It really doesn’t matter what your company does, chances are there are about 20-50 companies that are doing the exact or very similar thing.  Don’t let this discourage you!  San Jose and nearby cities can be a lucrative location to build your business.  It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have a solid plan, your company can achieve first-page ranking.

For example, if you want to be found when someone searches for “best bakery in San Jose, CA” you could be looking at thousands of other bakeries fighting to be on that first page.  What you have to ask yourself is if you were looking for a bakery, where would you want to go?  Their website.  You’d want to see their Yelp page, maybe a YouTube channel, or their Facebook page.  The best first step would be to start with the obvious then move to where it would make sense to display your bakery.

Each company is different.  As an insurance company, YouTube wouldn’t be very practical.  You must always have your audience in mind when creating your backlinks.

Consider the following:

– Do you have a solid website?

– Do you have the time to actively and effectively work on your company’s visibility on search engines?

– Does your company have a united message to spread throughout multiple platforms?

At Solutionarian Marketing and Website Design, our team is committed to helping you build a website that showcases your company’s capabilities and the ability to have your website found on multiple platforms.  Our team learns as much as we can about your website, your team, and your desired audience to develop a strategic marketing plan that will communicate with the right people.  If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer, click here.  If you have your own backlink strategies that you would like to share, please place them in the comments below.  We would love to hear them and generate a discussion around it!


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