What are Retargeting Campaigns?

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Several times you may feel like you aren’t getting the results you should have. If you have Google Analytics, you know how many people are on your website and the highest traffic times. You can also see how many clicks you received or how many sales you made. Often, the number of visitors that you receive doesn’t translate to the number of clicks or sales you made. That’s where retargeting campaigns come in. Retargeting campaigns give your visitor a helpful nudge in your direction even after they leave your website.

What is a retargeting campaign?

In a nutshell, retargeting campaigns give you an opportunity to remind your visitors about the offers you provide on your website. Retargeting, or remarketing, works by inserting a small code into your website that attaches a cookie onto your visitor’s device. This cookie will only be attached to people who have been on your site, looking at an offer. Later, when your cookied visitors are searching the web, the cookie comes into place, inserting ads on the sidebars.

Why insert ads?

Of course, not everyone is the biggest fan of ads. Although, most people hate ads when they do not relate to them. When you perform a retargeting campaign, you are only targeting those whom have already shown interest in your product/ service.

What are the benefits of retargeting campaigns?

– For one, since you are retargeting them almost immediately after they have left your website you are staying on their mind.
Retargeting generates highest lift in search queries.
– Less than 2% of visitors convert into leads or buy something from your website on the first visit
– Even if they don’t buy the product they were looking at, retargeted visitors are more prone to increase conversation about your offers to others. Thus, increasing your marketing reach.

Like any form of marketing, retargeting campaigns may not be for your company. It is important that you look at the services that you do provide and see if this would benefit your company. Also, like any campaign, it takes practices to get it right. Do not give up too easily if the first campaign did not go according to plan. Every company is different. Although you may want to set yourself aside from your competition, you want to be sure that the techniques you use ultimately benefit your company and not hurt it.

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