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7 Great Social Media Marketing Tips You Should Be Using Now

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  • 7 Great Social Media Marketing Tips You Should Be Using Now

Social media has become a strong tool for marketers. We see the power of social media everyday with videos and pictures constantly going viral. For marketers we are able to use this unique tool to increase web traffic to our company websites. With more clients involved with your company you will see an increase your sales. If your social media marketing plan is successful you will also have a large amount of new leads due to email marketing. There are so many different marketing strategies out there, ensuring that you are using these 7 tips can boost your company’s campaign.

  1. Know what works

Seeing what other companies in your same department are using on their social media accounts can be very beneficial to you. Seeing what they do and knowing what is working for them or what is not working can help you tailor your strategy plan.

  1. Have a well thought out strategy

Nothing works unless you have a plan first. If you just start signing up for different social media platforms you can really do some damage. Sitting down with your team and creating an organized plan can make for a successful strategy. Being able to dictate every move down to the day of which each element will be in place will keep your social media marketing plan running smoothly.

  1. Using Facebook’s ‘Call Now’ feature on your ads.

Getting straight to the point on your Ads can be very beneficial to you. It gets the clients engaged and they are automatically talking to you. Being able use this feature will bypass the clients needing to go to your landing page. Though, do not use this feature if you are not prepared to have someone answer the phone, missing calls can potentially damage your customer base.

Get personal with your Social Media Marketing.

  1. Remember to engage

Having social media accounts are for you to promote your business but at the same time you have to remember that they are also for your clients. Your clients follow you because they want to know what you have to say and get in touch with you. If someone comments or posts on your social media accounts, you have to be able to respond within a day. Running a company is a busy job, and sometimes you may feel that you don’t have the time. You need to be able to put someone in charge of responding.

  1. Know how to differentiate your content

If you are a successful business you may have several different media outlets. Many companies have for example a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Having these accounts gives companies the ability to reach different client bases on different social media platforms. Though if you are posting the same content on each of these platforms, the clients that follow you on all 3, it can get a bit annoying. Being able to post different content on different accounts can make sure that you are targeting the client base you are mean to.

  1. Stay on top of your numbers

Numbers are necessarily the most entertaining aspect of marketing that we have to deal with, though it is very crucial. Being able to see what is working and what isn’t gives you the ability to change certain parts of your plan to make it more successful.

Listen to Your Clients.

  1. Practice Social Listening

Social media is constantly in and out of trends, one second everyone is doing one thing and the next doing something else. As a successful company you need to be able to stay on top of what is going on with your clients and post accordingly. This may even mean that you take a break from posting about your advertised product/service and post just for your clients. No company wants to be all work and no play.

Setting up a successful social media marketing campaign can be very intimidating. Our company, Solutionarian Marketing, helps everyday companies build their social media platforms. We have the ability to help clients grow their client base through the help of social media. Knowing how strong of a tool social media is important and posting the right things can really make a difference. Contact us today for a free consultation:

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