Reach Your Customers Online with Answers to 3 Common Blog Questions

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Reach Your Customers Online 2 Ways a Blog Can Boost Your Business's Online Presence

Every day, Google sees more than 2.2 million searches, making it one of the most vital channels for knowledge transmission today. This abundance of sources is great for people looking for data, but it is a challenge for website owners. There are 1.74 billion websites across the world today, making attention the most valuable resource. Your website needs to rank highly in search engine results pages to reach your customers online. This is where digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come in.

SEO helps a website\’s visitors locate and understand information better. It involves creating content that appeals to both human audiences and search engines. SEO has several goals. First, it aims to make a website appear at the top of results pages. It is also for driving traffic through exciting and useful content—eventually increasing ROI.

Reach Your Customers Online with Answers to 3 Common Blog Questions

Below, we\’ve listed 3 common questions surrounding blogging for businesses with answers to help you understand how blogging can help you reach your customers online.

1. What Information Should a Business Blog Contain?

Making your content marketing plans better involves knowing the critical elements of SEO success. One of these elements is corporate blogging. In the past, weblogs or blogs were like online diaries, letting people share thoughts on a wide range of subjects. Today, companies use blogs in content marketing; 52 percent of marketers say one of the most effective tactics in their wheelhouse is blogging.

A corporate blog contains informational posts about a specific industry or area of expertise. Blogs that answer frequently asked questions, share updates in the field, or otherwise provide relevant information will consistently bring in valuable traffic.

2. How Do Blogs Affect Search Results?

Once a website owner submits a website to a search engine, it will \’crawl\’ the content. Crawling is a process where the search engine scans and categorizes web pages based on their relevance to common queries. As such, blogs must provide helpful information that includes the strategic use of keywords that people include in their searches.

A blog that does well at incorporating keywords and staying relevant is a reliable resource, which means higher search engine results rankings. If your webpages appear on the first page or the top results of a search, you reach a broader audience.

3. What Are the Direct Benefits of Having a Business Blog?

Digital marketing and search engine optimization are practically intertwined today, and efforts to improve one will result in improving the other. In order to reach your customers online, you will have to create pathways that lead to your digital storefront. Here are a few ways that blogs directly affect a brand\’s SEO.

1. Blogs Allow You to Rank for Specific Keywords

You can technically post about anything when you blog. If you want to attract more people from a particular niche or rank for a specific topic, you can write a blog or a series focused on that topic. If you are unsure which topics to blog about, you could do keyword research using one of the many free and paid tools available.

2. Blogs Provide Your Brand With More Visibility

Blogs are rich in content and allow you to include plenty of keywords. As such, search engines will be more likely to pick you up for these phrases. Meaningful keyword use means connecting with a broad range of search queries, which puts you in front of more audiences, especially ones you might not usually reach. There is plenty of evidence that this strategy works. For instance, A HubSpot study shows that companies with blogs in their marketing plans see 55 percent more visitors.


Typically, websites are limited in the amount of content they provide. Blogs can help you reach your customers online by providing an opportunity to speak at length about topics that your audience cares about, and blog posts are a great way to dive deeper into problems and issues for which your business provides solutions.

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