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Optimizing Your Local SEO in 2016

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Raise your hand if you want to be number two… No one? As business owners we want to be the best, we provide excellent service and have worked hard to get to where we are, and still when we are searched on Google or Bing we are nowhere to be seen and we wonder why. Yes, your business may be successful, some of your neighboring companies may use your service, you here people talk about your business, though your presence on the internet is almost nonexistent. Modernizing your local SEO is a technique that bigger business should use and also it can be beneficial to smaller Mom and Pop shops. Being able to have a presence on Google can be very beneficial to your business, as clients need services they are more inclined to look up their need online, and if your business is nowhere to be seen you are likely missing out on business opportunities. Local SEO guarantees that searches done on a site like Google, that are in your area or looking for services done in your area your website will be one of the first to come up. There are three components of local SEO that you should keep in mind: on page, off page and link building strategies.

On page local SEO would be content on your website that would connect your business with the location in which you service. For businesses in the Campbell, CA area you would want a page in which that is dedicated to that Campbell location. Having pages like this will help your business because when a client is searching for something near them, Google will crawl through websites for the results that correspond the best. Pages on websites work best when you are very specific with your services and your location. Having some of these components on your page will help boost your local SEO:

  • Have a Google Maps location of your business.
  • Repeat your servicing city/cities IE. “Marketing Solutions in Campbell, CA” “Servicing Campbell, CA…”
  • Have Yelp reviews on your page.

Off page local SEO would pertain to websites that you are on besides your webpage. Google owns many companies and the more profiles that your business has the better the chance that your visibility will rise. If you own a business, there are many ways that you can display your company on different platforms. Here are some different platforms that your business should be on to optimize your local SEO:

Link building is exactly what it sounds like, you want to have open links on other websites, other sorts of media that will take customers to your website. Here at Solutionarian, we help business owners link build posting content on several different outlets to build their SEO. You can do this many ways, having a blog that you post to different media outlets is one of them. Having a link that would take the client to your business website building your foot traffic. Blogs have had a big impact on local SEO, business owners and CEOs of business have kept their clientele engaged with their posts and making them personable to their audience. Here are some different websites you can start link building to your website:

Solutionarian specializes in local SEO, we have done extensive research for customers and create a plan to optimize their SEO based on their clientele and their different needs. It’s great to have foot traffic to your website, but an affective plan will not only increase your visibility, but also increase your client base. It isn’t easy getting on the first page of Google or any search engine, it does take a lot of maintenance, but the results can be very impressive.

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