4 Challenges Marketers Face in 2017

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As we are in the halfway point of 2017, there are a few challenges that we see many businesses struggle with in 2017. We wanted to take some time to address some of these issues and provide our insight. As a business owner, you know that being able to market your business is important. Marketing provides a way to expand your business while generating new leads and new opportunities. Here are Solutionarian Marketing, we specialize in website design and digital marketing. We work with a variety of business owners, such as construction contractors, insurance agencies, retail stores and more.

Marketing Challenge 1: Driving visitor engagement

Visitors can be a bit stubborn. A very small percentage of visitors convert or engage on their first visit. There are tools that you can use to track who have visited your website, and remarket your services using cookies. This is useful, but can be the hardest of marketing challenges. Cramming your services into someone’s face can do the opposite of what you are trying to do. Here are some tips you can try to increase visitor engagement on your website.

– Define or Redefine Your Buyer Persona: Be sure that your website / content is geared to a specific audience. You should have a clear set of criteria of your ideal client.

– Call-to-Action: Call to actions should be very present on your website. It is recommended that call to actions should be in every third part of your website. If you do have call to actions on your website, experiment with colors, font and size. And test the performance rate. One of the marketing challenges is finding what works for your website and what doesn\’t.

Marketing Challenge 2: Giving into marketing trends

The beginning of every year there is always a “Best Marketing Strategies of 2017”. In posts like this, the author will detail out a few marketing strategies that may sound great, but fall flat during the middle of the year. Know that whenever taking advice like this, it is important to take it all with a grain of salt. Not all trends will work and not all trends will work for all companies. Your marketing strategies should be unique for your business.

Marketing Challenge 3: Proper communication between your clients

Communication is key to maintaining a proper relationship with your clients. Communication can be in many forms whether it be via social media, blog or even email marketing campaigns. A good dialogue will keep clients reminded about your business and your services. You must be sure that the content that you are providing people is content that they will view as useful.

– Social Media: Social media can at times be a hit or miss with some businesses. Which social media platforms your business decides to associate with does tie into your buyer persona. Retail businesses may lean more for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while more B2B businesses are only on LinkedIn.  Some of the hardest marketing challenges is knowing when to walk away from certain platforms.

– Blog: Blogs are important when trying to convey informative information that leads and clients should connect with. Your blogs should not be a platform to promote your business.

– Email Marketing: Email marketing isn’t only to generate new leads, but it is a great tool to use to reconnect with contacts that haven’t reach out in a while. It is a great tool to stay in touch with your contacts.

Marketing Challenge 4: Content Ranking

What’s the use of creating content if no one is there to read it? Content ranking can be difficult, you are competing with hundreds of other companies and services. Properly optimizing your website and your content can help reach that first page ranking. Google has some titles that they like to see in the titles:

– “How to___”, Reviews, Tutorials

– Google is a platform where people ask questions, Google likes providing informative content that’ll provide answers to their questions.

– It can also be beneficial to update successful content over time. Track the content performance and what is working with some blogs and what isn’t.

These marketing challenges have been seen with a variety of business. If you would like to learn more about marketing strategies we do provide free consultations.[/vc_column_text]

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