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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Creating a successful website that your audience will want to go on can be hard. As business owners, it can be overwhelming when trying to create a website that has all your essential components but also makes it appealing to new clients. Your website, after all, if the digital face of your company. The time spent on your website should be one that is pleasant and memorable so that they want to come back.

Better Business Blogs

Blogs are an essential element that can provide potential clients with knowledge or insight about your company. Business blogs should be to educate your audience. Think about what your ideal buyer persona would be looking for and what questions that they may have. A business blog should not be used as an outlet to promote your services.

Create Your Own Validation

When a website is found, there is a brief time where you must decide whether this website is worth looking at. While the design does play a big part in that, so does validation. Validating a website can mean a few things.

– Placing testimonials on your page (Past clients, employees, partners… etc.)

– Promote organization affiliations (Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce… etc.)

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Having someone see your website only once and never come back, can be worse than not having anyone see it at all. A successful website will have people coming back. It isn’t often that the first time an individual goes on your website, they become a customer. Keep them engaged in your website.

– Ask directly for a subscription sign-up (Newsletter, updates, offers… etc.)

– Offer subscribers unique offers (Only email those who specifically asked to receive emails!)

– Use email campaigns to keep your presence (Create friendly, relatable, and personable emails.)

Give Resources

Everything is better when its free. As a potential lead looking on your website, they may need some resources. Having downloadable content that the individual can have right then is very beneficial, both to you and the individual. They needed information and got it, you now have a great reputation of providing helpful content.

Make it Mobile

Make sure your website is ready to be on the go. More than 72% of people want to see a website that is optimized for mobile. Now Google has put into place an indicator for their search results to indicate whether it is optimized for mobile or not. In a day in age where technology is increasing your company needs to be ahead of it. It\’s just part of making a successful website.

Let them Share

Great content should be shared. Enabling social sharing buttons are a quick way where anyone can share your content with friends, family and colleagues.

\"makingUser experience is important to consider when creating a new website. You want people to come back to it, to remember it, to be worthy enough to share it with other people. Your website should be an all-around pleasurable experience for the user. A successful website is customer-centric, it should have your audience in mind at every turn.

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