Graphic Design: 10 Tips on How to Create an Eye-Catching Flyer

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Graphic Design: 10 Tips on How to Create an Eye-Catching Flyer

Overview: Creating a flyer that converts

Too often we see flyers that are poorly made and often looked over. You do not have to be a master graphic designer to make an appealing flyer. Take advantage of these tips to create a flyer that converts leads into customers.

Design Tips:

The whole design layout is what is going to be catching their eye. Whether it is being handed out or being on a board with other flyers you want it to stand out above the rest. Although Microsoft Word has gotten a bit better over the years, its intentions are not for creating flyers. Here are a few tips on pinning a great layout.


There is so much information about how to use fonts and typography. I will try to keep it short.

  • Do not use more than 2 different fonts.
    • Use different variations of the same fonts
      • Bold, Uppercase, thin
    • Use a font that reads well.

A great place to get free fonts is Google Fonts.


Hard to read font choice.


Clear and easy to read font.

Bleed & Trim

It is important to understand the bleed and trim areas. Your flyer can look great on the computer but once it gets printed some components could be cut off. Where did some of the lettering go?!


Whitespace refers to the room would words. Having a perfect amount of whitespace helps prevents reader’s fatigue.


The flyer is crowded and very busy.


The sections of the flyer are very clear.

High Resolution

Pixilated or resolution photos can really turn off a potential lead. To get the best results for your flyer, have the content at 300ppi (pixels per inch).

Content Tips:

Once you have reeled them in with your professionally done design, you need to woo them over with your content. The content you put out must be selected flawlessly. The pictures and words you use will be a deal breaker for your leads. Here are some tips on finishing your flyer that converts.


Make it bold. Make it catchy. Make it short. Headlines are a very important part of your flyer. It immediately tells the reader what it is about. You want it to spark their interest.


The headline does not stick out.


The headline is bold and inviting.

In Graphic Design less is more.

Flyers are supposed to be to the point. Remove the additional fluff. As mentioned above, too many words can cause reader\’s fatigue. When people usually look at flyers, they ready the lines that sick out the most. When creating a flyer that converts, you want the reader to know what they need to know in the little number of words as possible.


Too many words.


Perfect amount of words.

Clearly Defining Your Service

It is important to make it clear what your business is about. Poorly written flyers can lead to miscommunication and confusion. An effective flyer highlights your services while enticing the reader.

Adding a Promotion

Promotions are a great tool to pull in the extra business. Whether it is a discount or a free service, everyone likes to save money.

Call to Action

This can also tie into the promotion. After a potential lead finishes reading your flyer, you want them to make an action. Call to actions can be:

  • Buying a product
  • Request a Service
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Donate
  • Attend an Event


This is so important! Always have a second pair of eyes look at the flyer before committing to print. Once it is printed and distributed, there is no way to correct it. Misspelled words or grammatical errors reflect on the business as well. A great free grammar and spelling checker to utilize is Grammarly.


We can help!

Our in-house graphic designers have created many unique flyers for a variety of businesses and organizations. What makes Solutionarian successful in marketing for our clients is our ability to understand key performance indicators that lead to goal achievement. When we create a flyer, we won’t stop until our client is 100% satisfied. Let us know how we can help! Our flyer creation services start at $130. Let\’s talk. Explore our Graphic Design Services

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