Our Family Giving Tree Thank You Message

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The Family Giving Tree organization has been around since 1990.  With a belief and mission in mind to ensure that all children in the Bay Area should have a Happy Holiday, The Family Giving Tree has helped thousands of children every year.  Solutionarian Marketing has partnered with Family Giving Tree and encouraged family members, office members, and clients to participate.  We believe in the work that the FGT is trying to do.  This year, we had some great donations and would like to give our donors recognition.





Derek Dwight – Coastal Termite

We have worked with Derek professionally for the past two years.  Not only has Derek been a loyal client, he is a friend known to the company for even longer.  Coastal Termite is a local pest control company specializing from bird control to termite infestations.  The team at Coastal Termite is one that clients love, and pests hate!  We are so appreciative for Derek taking the time to stop by our office to sponsor two children during this event.







\"SupportSarah Chaffin–SupportTeacherHousing.org

Sarah has been working with us for about two years.  We’ve watched her organization grow incredibly over such a short time.  Sarah is the head of SupportTeacherHousing.org. With a mission to fight for affordable housing for teachers and the Missing Middle, Sarah is always looking for ways to be involved with the community. We are so grateful that she found the time to come by our office to be a sponsor for this event.




Aaron Marinucci & Phil Enfantino – Overflow Sports Academy



We’ve had countless interactions with Aaron and his dedicated team at Overflow Sports.  Overflow’s focus to impact middle school students through the platform of junior high ambassadors, team activities, and sports for Christ.  We would like to thank Aaron and Phil for taking the time to come by and help the children in need in our area by sponsoring this event.



Olivia Rawlins & Dominique Gomez – Solutionarian Team

Olivia has been working for Solutionarian Marketing for 3 years as a Project Manager.  She manages marketing accounts, blogging, press releases, and CRM.  Dominique is the head Graphic & Website Designer at Solutionarian.  She takes all the creative ideas given to her by clients and makes them a reality.  We have a dedicated team! In alignment of promoting growth in local small businesses in San Jose, Solutionarian Marketing was more than excited to host this event for children in our community.

Friends and Family

We wouldn’t be anything without the support of our friends and family.  We would like to give out a special shout out to Colton Whitmer, Kristian Guerrero, and Rosa Rawlins for their generous contributions to help families and children in our own neighborhoods.



We are so blessed to be surrounded by generous individuals and companies.  Thank you again to Derek from Coastal Termite, Aaron Marinucci & Phil Enfantino from Overflow Sports, Sarah Chaffin from SupportTeacherHousing.org, our team at Solutionarian and our Friends and Family.

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