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Solutionarian Marketing has advertised that we are support small businesses. The individuals that take the risk of starting their own business inspire us all. This year Solutionarian Marketing is announcing that they are supporting the Family Giving Tree Organization. Growing up, it was a moment to remember on Christmas Day knowing that we will wake to gifts under our tree. We are conscious that not all families have this benefit. That is why the Family Giving Tree Organization is so near and dear to our hearts. The organization gives children that are less fortunate the opportunity to have a wonderful Christmas.

There are too many children that go through the holidays where, unfortunately, the family is unable to fulfill their child’s needs of presents. Now, more than ever, we need to stay united and help those who need it. The Family Giving Tree event, Holiday Wish Drive, has helped more than hundreds of thousands of children. And it is through the aid of businesses that commit themselves to spreading the word to their clients, family and neighbors that make it successful.

How it works:

No child should be forgotten at any point in their lives. But, during the holidays, it can be a tough time for anyone. When a child has little to nothing to look forward to during the holidays, you have the power to change that. Most of the time, it is not about what was given, but just the fact that they know that someone was willing to think of them in the mist of their daily routine to buy them a gift for the holiday.

If you are unsure or do not want to commit to something so soon, there are multiple ways of choosing a child to support.

Visit our Family Giving Tree link here!

Stop by our office to collect your Wish Card:

3001 S. Winchester Ste.11 Campbell, CA 95008

Last day to donate: Monday December 12, 2016

Give the gift of happiness this year. You never know how much your small gift can affect a child’s life.

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