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As your business grows, the main way to get your company out there is creating a website. Creating a website can be easy to some, but creating an effective website isn’t always as easy.  You need to develop a good website design that has intuitive webpages and created with your visitors in mind. Your client base is very important and maintaining a happy clientele is difficult when your website isn’t appealing or easy to use. When your website design isn’t user-friendly you are more likely to lose your lead to a competitor with a more approachable design. Keep in mind these 7 reasons why your potential leads are not reacting to your website the way that they should.

1) It takes forever to load.

When potential leads are visiting your website, they are going to your site for a reason.   The job of your website is to be able to show the content in which your lead is looking for as fast as possible. If your client cannot see your content in a timely manner they are more likely to leave. If your lead does continue to wait for your website despite the wait time their satisfaction has decreased significantly. We can agree, that at times it is not the fault of the website design as to why it is running slow, there can be other factors. Regardless, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to optimize your site’s load performance. At times that can mean taking down videos, or reducing the size of your images or looking into the code of your site.

2) It isn\’t optimized for mobile.

Mobile smartphones have become such a huge impact on the way websites have to be set up. More often than not you will see someone pulling their phone out to check a website than a laptop. Believe it or not, not everything that you will see on a computer is compatible to a mobile device, often times it makes the client scroll side-to-side to read the website, or zooming in to read words that are often too small. Making your website design mobile-friendly can make your website more convenient for your clients to check whenever they are on the go, and easier to show other leads.

3) It\’s missing social sharing buttons on content.

Now a day’s people are on social networks, and if you have content that they want to share so that others can see it too, they more than likely search for a “Share This! or Tweet This!” if your website has failed to have a social sharing section, you may have just lost business from all the potential publicity you could have got. Having those social sharing buttons acts like a helping hand to get your business out there and known to all, the more visibility that you get means more site traffic, better search engine ranking and more lead generation opportunities.

Social Media should be a large part of the website design.

If you are presenting information about a service or product, that you want your visitors to purchase, make sure it is shareable and you will draw more buzz around your website.

4) It offers poor navigation.

Your website has to reflect you as a CEO, or owner and your business, when your lead falls upon your website they are getting a look at you and what you do. If your website isn’t concise and organized your lead will think the same of you. Giving some direction to your potential clients as to where they should look or what they should click on if they want a particular service, will really make a difference. Getting your visitors involved in your website it key, the longer you have your lead involved in your website the bigger the impact it will leave on them. Getting them involved can be as simple as asking them to subscribe to your email list, or redirecting them to your blog.

5) It contains multimedia content that autoplays.

No one likes to be bombarded with content and when your website is autoplaying videos, especially when they were not expecting them to play on their own it can turn off a client and their want to go forward in your website. Let your website be, let your lead take that initiative to press that play button on your website.

6) It\’s littered with generic or cheesy stock photography.

Generating pictures on your website is a great way to show potential clients who you are. Having pictures that were merely just found on the internet scattered throughout the site you are throwing away a great opportunity.  Instead, put real pictures of your product, of you, and of your building if you have one. The issue with getting pictures on Google is that anyone can also have the same pictures.  If you have something that is different that can be more personal than other websites can put you aside from anyone else.

7) It doesn\’t have a blog.

If you don\’t have a blog, you\’re missing out on an opportunity to provide your visitors with a ton of valuable information. Consumers are empowered to perform in-depth company research on their own before ever contacting a salesperson. When they find answers to their common questions in articles on your company\’s blog, they are much more likely to enter into the sales process.  Helping your visitors builds a positive reputation and trust within the decision making process of a potential customer.

Updating your website can be a hassle and keeping true to you and your business while maintaining all of these do not’s can be even harder. Here at Solutionarian we partner with businesses to optimize their websites and work on generating more leads. We understand your needs in providing a website that matches your individual style and making your website your own.

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