Best 6 Digital Marketing Services that Every San Jose CA Business Needs

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6 Digital Marketing Services that Every San Jose CA Business Needs

6 Digital Marketing Services that Every San Jose CA Business Needs

If your business is in or nearby San Jose CA, you know that customer acquisition is very competitive. In the past, you had more physical touchpoints to reach your target market. Having a storefront or a brick-and-mortar location is not good enough anymore. Even with COVID-19 restrictions becoming looser the old way of doing business has been interrupted for too long. Many businesses are finding value in creating an online presence with a helpful website and digital marketing.

What businesses are experiencing right now: (6 Digital Marketing Services that Every San Jose CA Business Needs)

  1. Low Foot Traffic: In Santa Clara County businesses are just not getting enough foot traffic to support their operation.


  1. Capacity Issues: Even if there is some foot traffic unless you are a major big-box chain, your business is limited to the number of customers that are allowed to be served.


  1. Low to No Communication: Inability to reach potential customers through traditional advertising channels or word-of-mouth referrals.


  1. No Budget for Marketing: Struggling San Jose Businesses are having problems keeping employee’s hours and have put marketing on the back burner.


  1. Managing by Emotions: The combination of the above factors causes business owners to start managing off emotions, which may be counterproductive to their success.


So, what should a business in or nearby San Jose, CA do?

If you have tried digital marketing in the past and found no value or ROI on your investment it can be difficult to think about going down this road again; however, I am hopeful that our tips will help.

First, let us put the rat on the table! If you do not have a budget for marketing, get one.

Business development (sales) and marketing are the foundation of revenue growth. Without dedicated resources to finding new customers, you will be creating immeasurable hurdles to your success which cause many small businesses to go belly up.

In our experience, this is where you should be spending your digital marketing money: (6 Digital Marketing Services that Every San Jose CA Business Needs)

DO YOU NEED CUSTOMERS RIGHT NOW? Of course you do. Every business does. Consider these digital marketing services: 

  1. Paid Ads: If this is your business, start putting your money toward paid ads. PPC platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yelp and Bing Ads target potential customer that are looking to spend on a product or services right now.


  1. Email Marketing: If you collect, business cards, email contacts, or have a database of past clients, this is where you turn those contacts into gold. Putting together great promotions and offers can go a long way in bringing fresh revenue from past customers and referrals.


You’re probably not going to want to feed the beast (paid ads) forever.  SO NOW WHAT? Focus on building your organic ranking with these services:

  1. Website On-Page SEO: Make sure your website is set up so that it can be easily indexed by search engines like Google. Create and map a strategy to link relevant and helpful content.


  1. Business Directory Citations: Help search engines and potential customers find you by creating business profiles with top business directory websites like Yelp, Smart Pages, Yellow Pages,…


  1. Content Creation: You need fresh content. Whether you write a blog or create a video, there value in your knowledge, your ability to be helpful through your content builds trust with your market.  Additionally, structured correctly your content can help your ranking and overall searchability.


  1. Digital Communication: Delivery of new promotions and content needs communication channels. A communication strategy utilizing digital channels is important. What platform should you use to reach more people? Facebook? Twitter? Google My Business? YouTube? Whatever it may be, you need to be dedicated to keeping new content and engaging conversation streaming or posting frequency.


Though many digital marketing agencies may have their own recipe for success, we know that these 6 digital marketing services done right can lead to huge rewards for business in or nearby San Jose, CA.

If you want to understand the investment to get your company started in digital marketing and the reasonable expectations, we are at your service. Solutionarian is a local digital marketing agency that services local businesses in the San Jose CA area and the whole San Francisco Bay Area.

Request a digital marketing quote now.


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