5 Web Design Trends to Use with Caution

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We are in an age now where it feels like everyone is dipping their toe in the web design platform. We see it every day, with ads from WordPress and new “Make your website in under 10 minutes” ads. More often than not we see other websites with a particular design and we want that for our company. Web design like many things have trends and some of those trends come and stay and some are just cool for the first few seconds. Keep in mind these 5 web design trends and use them with caution, for what may work for other companies may not be the best fit for yours.

Hamburger menus aren’t as tasty as it may sound.

Using Hamburger Menus

This style of design was meant to accommodate those clients that use their phone/ tablet devices to navigate their website. This website may look like a good idea, but if you do not have the right information or the right business, it can be a big flop. Many of times the problem lies in too much information being squeezed inside the menu. That makes your whole website into just quarter of the screen. When designing a website you want to use the space to your advantage.

Use of Carousels

Though using a carousel does bring a more aesthetic look, giving you more graphics and an overall summarization of your website in its content. The issue that the carousel possess in web design is the problems it gives when it comes to SEO. Having the carousel that essentially has all the information that you want with the link to the page that you want on it, it makes it difficult when adding more content. Google does not crawl for meta descriptions any longer, without keyword rich content your website can come up short when trying to be found. Carousels can work, but they should be carefully created and optimized to the fullest.

Web Design also means paying attention to the viewers.

Parallax Backgrounds

Parallax Backgrounds gives the website the ability to have the background content move at different speeds giving the content a sense of depth. Now, this setting can potentially damage the user experience on your website. Having too many distractions can take away the viewers interest on what you actually have to say. This decision should be made very carefully and make sure that you don’t lose clients due to just the background itself.

Load Screens

Typically, when someone clicks on your website they want to get straight to the point. If you have a complex load screen, making them wait, more than likely they will go to a different website. When a website loads, it has about 10 seconds to load before the viewer decides to go to a different website. If you do make the decision to have a load screen be sure that the content is simple and has content that is relevant to your company.

Complex Typography

Rule of thumb should be that you should never use more than two different typefaces. Your fonts should be simple and aim to create a clean presentation. When deciding what typefaces to use, don\’t choose one that is difficult to read. Having different typefaces has the ability to take away from user experience with the constant change. You want to chose a font that will contrast and compliment each other.

Web Design is a unique profession to be in. We have to be able to deal with different trends and weed out what is best with different companies. Different companies may fit different trends, so it is just the matter of teaming up with the right company to guide you to your perfect website. Solutionarian Marketing specializes in web design. We partner with different companies and find out what website design will best fit their individual needs. Contact us today and set up your free consultation.

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