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5 Essential Elements You Will Find in Modern Web Designs Blog Article by Solutionarian Marketing & Web Design

What does it mean to have a modern web design? This question is a bit subjective, isn’t it? For some people, anything designed from 2010 is considered modern, but others may argue that anything beyond 2020 is already passé. But does being modern depend on when something was created?

When it comes to website design, being modern doesn’t mean featuring all the latest bells and whistles available to use. This is because a streamlined, uncluttered website that delivers the best possible user experience is what’s most important.

Essential Elements of Modern Web Design

If you want to achieve a successful modern web design, make sure you incorporate these five elements inside it:

1. Simple but Strong Color Scheme

Your website’s choice of color plays a vital role in a modern website because it will tie everything together. Similarly, the colors you choose must be reflected in all your branding efforts, including your website, as it will help make your brand more recognizable.

Make sure not to incorporate too many colors as that can easily look distracting. Just choose a maximum of three colors that go together. Have one or two colors for the background and an accent color for elements that you need to stand out, such as product names and CTAs.

2. Powerful CTAs

One of the reasons you have a website is that you want to convert those web visitors into actual customers. With a modern web design, you can seamlessly connect with people who are genuinely interested in your content and products or services.

Because of this, you want to make use of free consultations and quotes, email subscription forms, free ebooks, or others for your calls to action. You also have to incorporate them into your website strategically!

3. Smart Use of White Space

Before anything else, no, white space doesn’t have to be white. White space is merely referring to an empty or blank space that balances out all the other web page elements. In the end, you can’t and shouldn’t clutter your web design by including too many details that could make it feel dizzying, and your web visitors won’t know where to look first.

You need to be purposeful when you use white space. The goal is to develop a clean and organized design that will look relaxing and easy to navigate for web users.

4. Organized Backend Coding

This element is one that you won’t actually see, but you will “feel” or notice when it’s done right. It may even be the one that matters most when it comes to your website’s functionality. During the website development process, much of the coding happens in the backend. The result of what the designers do there is how your website will perform. Keep in mind that the coding should be done flawlessly so that you get a website that loads fast, functions smoothly without glitches, and ultimately converts traffic.

For that, you will need a team of highly skilled designers who know how to execute clean and organized coding. It is essential because when your backend coding is clean, it won’t be hard to find and fix any problem that might happen in the future!

5. User-Centered Design

All modern websites have this element in common because it has been proven that a website design focusing on the user instead of the company and its rankings delivers better results.

There was a time when most websites were designed to please Google and other search engines. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a website optimized for SEO, you must make sure that you still prioritize the users when you design your site.

If you are hesitant, you should know that the way Google ranks websites has changed as well. It can now determine which sites provide a superior user experience – the ones people stay on the longest and keep coming back to. As such, you should focus on delivering valuable content to your web visitors first and your SEO rankings second, and you’ll see it will pay off in the long run!


These are 5 essential elements you will find in modern web designs should include. By incorporating them into your business site, you’ll be one step closer to achieving a website that is not only modern because of the way it looks but also because of how it performs and focuses on users!

If you think your website can benefit from an overhaul, Solutionarian Marketing is here to design and maintain a modern website to help you achieve desired success. We also offer other digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in North Carolina. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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