3 Ways Your Content Marketing Can Be Drastically Impacted By Your Web Design

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3 Ways Your Web Design Drastically Affects Your Content Marketing

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Design plays a vital role when it comes to creating the right impressions. For instance, using bright, flashy colors with wild shapes may come off to people as exciting or humorous, while dark muted colors paired with a sleek and simple design may be treated more as professional.

Of course, how people see colors will be different from individual and individual, but a design must be well-thought-out for a website. That said, bad designs can seriously hurt the user experience, forcing them to leave the website to visit a competitor’s. This can damage your digital marketing efforts, especially when it comes to content marketing.

Ways Your Web Design Affects Your Content Marketing

In this article, we will cover three of the ways that your website design can affect your content marketing.

1. The readability

Design can seriously affect how easy it is to read a website. This relates more to the content, such as its text, format, and so on. Having too many fonts can cause the web page to look extremely busy, making it hard for users to read. Such an issue can frustrate users enough to leave the website.

To address this problem, stick to as few fonts as possible. Less is more. When it comes to deciding on the website\’s design, going simple is the way to go. This can make the website understandable, readable, and therefore easier for visitors to digest your content.

Once you have determined your preferred fonts, it is important to establish a hierarchy of heading size and style and remain consistent throughout your website. Following the order rules that you create will help visitors to quickly understand sections of text and the order in which your content should be consumed.

2. The accessibility

Accessibility is an important factor in any website. It dictates how easy it is for users to find and consume your content. It must be easy to navigate your website and find the right information. If a website was poorly designed, its accessibility also takes a hit. Users will end up clicking through unnecessary pages to get the information they need, wasting their time and toying with their patience.

To ensure accessibility levels on your website are excellent, use a simple design. This means straightforward navigation with easy-to-use menus found on every page.

3. The attractiveness

When new visitors step into your website, they might make quick judgments about you based on the design. There is no way to avoid this. However, you can control what they think about your website. If your website looks outdated, they will automatically assume negative things about your company’s legitimacy, and your content marketing efforts will not matter.

While that may sound a little severe, it can be quite devastating when it happens. For that reason, ensure that your website\’s design reflects ongoing trends. A clean and sleek design that showcases your professionalism can build the trust you need to attract your audience.


In summary, a good design is vital to your website\’s content marketing efforts and your company\’s success. It will attract customers far and wide to your website, greeting them with a sleek and simple design that facilitates great accessibility and excellent readability that will build your reputation and grow your audience.

That said, if you are struggling with your web design, we highly recommend working with a web design service. Website design experts are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest design trends. They know what works and what does not, ensuring you can achieve success.

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