3 Digital PR Benefits to Jump-Start Your Online Presence

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3 Digital PR Benefits to Jump-Start Your Online Presence blog article by Solutionarian Marketing & Web Design Campbell, CA

Redistributing a company\’s efforts to expand its digital presence is a common strategy for most modern establishments. Since consumers are more accepting of online interactions, businesses need to adapt and conform to their preferences. Part of staying competitive in today\’s market is having a solid online presence. This is why business owners are teaming up with marketing experts to use the best strategies to expand their company\’s online visibility.

The value of investing in Digital PR

Digital PR is a vital contributor to any online marketing strategy, which is why it\’s necessary to develop it alongside your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. These strategies involve utilizing quality backlinks from reputable websites and positive customer reviews. With Digital PR, you can reach your target customers by featuring your business on sites that match their online behavior. This includes video streaming sites, eCommerce platforms, social media networks, and other relevant pages.

Once you invest in Digital PR, your business will benefit from these three advantages:

1. Improves your SERP rankings

Part of SEO\’s impact on your website is getting better placement on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings. This allows your page to appear closer to the front page for a specific search query. Since you\’re developing better credibility through link building and high-traffic keywords, Google\’s web crawlers will index your site with a much higher ranking. This gives your site more opportunity to receive higher amounts of site traffic over competitor websites.

2. Increases website traffic

Through Digital PR, more people will be aware of your products and services from industry-related websites. This is why publishing content on high-authority websites will give you an expansive reach that positively affects your SERP rankings.

Most business owners have the assumption that better SERP rankings will automatically translate to more productive business performance. In reality, you need to work for your business\’s increase in sales figures. For this reason, it\’s vital to utilize the site traffic you have. The more people have access to your site, the more opportunities you have to bring them down your sales funnel.

3. Enhances brand trust

Highlighting your credibility as a service provider is vital, especially since anyone can make a website or launch a business. It\’s a positive impact to have a lower barrier for entry for entrepreneurs to start an enterprise. However, this makes the online marketplace full of potential competitors. This is why it\’s crucial to uphold yourself above the rest by showing your business\’s legitimacy.

Besides showcasing your online presence through social media networks, it\’s better to enlist your business in official directories and digital yellow pages. Getting recognized or authenticated by different networks will enhance your business\’s credibility, not just for AI web crawlers but also for online visitors. For example, registering your business through Google\’s My Business account can enable search engines to index your pages with a higher rank.


Investing in Digital PR prevents your online pages from becoming orphan pages. These are website pages that do not link to other sections in and out of your site domain. By developing strong link-building practices to the proper marketing channels, you can tap into your target demographic through an effective link and ad placements. This allows you to bring new customers to your sales funnel seamlessly through websites outside your own.

If you want to receive effective digital marketing in Northern California and beyond, we\’re the right company to call. At Solutionarian Marketing, it\’s our mission to deliver to innovate your sales revenue growth by expanding your online presence. If you\’re interested in scaling up your business\’ reach through digital platforms, contact us today!

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