Top 10 Things Your Website Needs to Convert Visitors to Leads

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Top 10 Things Your Website Needs to Convert Visitors to Leads

On our blog, we talk about how important your website is. Whether it is the design of your website or your blog content, it’s all important. It is also essential for your visitors when they are first on your website. Every business owner wants to convert visitors to leads. Many website’s can rank for a term or phrase, but are often left unconnected from the visitors. These tips are meant for business owners who want to see a higher engagement in your visitors and converting them into leads from your website.

1. Testimonials

Testimonials are very important when getting visitors converted to leads. Short recommendations give you a chance to share your past client experiences. Also, it gives your visitors a chance to relate to your business. Whether your business is a B2B or deal with clients personally, seeing clients that shared their problems can lean them to establish a connection.

2. Website Speed

The speed connection of your website not only makes your visitors happy, but it also plays into your website’s ranking on Google. This applies to both desktop screens, but also tablet and mobile clips. 53% of mobile visitors have been reported to leave websites if they take more than 3 seconds to load content.

3. Call to Actions

Have clear call to actions that are clear to what you are trying to offer. They should be written briefly and stand out from your content. You should also be smart about your CTA’s. What this means is that placement should be thought hard about. Putting too little or too much can leave your visitors unconnected.

4. Social Media Integrations

In modern times, social media has become a great tool for quick sharing. Be sure that the social media icons that you use are ones that you are adamantly staying on top of. Also, your social media should be ones that your buyer personas should also be using.

5. Have Great Content

Give relatable content that gives the visitor useful information. The content should be something that the visitors want to know. This could be questions that the visitor may have about the services that you provide. The point of a blog is to be informative and not just an opportunity to talk about your company.

6. Have A Clear Navigation

Having a clean menu that the visitor can easily to navigate, will entice your viewer to stay on your website. Menus that are difficult to navigate or change with each page visited can steer people away from your website. Your website reflects your business. You want it clean and professional.

7. Visual Satisfaction

Do not let anyone tell you more text is better, they are wrong! An image can take the place of explaining your services. Also, today more people are more visual readers, seeing images that appeal to them, can help people understand your services and convert more leads.

8. Speak clients, not business

People want to work with people that are relatable to them. You need to be able to appeal to people that can to talk to them on a personal level. Even if your business is a B2B company, no one wants to hear business jargon.

9. Do not underestimate your ‘About’ page

Rarely does a visitor immediately initiate contact after first seeing the website. If they have never heard about your website, they want to be able to relate to you. Your ‘About’ page is your opportunity to give your visitors an inside look into your passions, your journey, and who you are as a company. Visitors to leads can be difficult, many visitors do not reach out to your company because they cannot relate to the business.

10. Stay up to date

Your website isn’t over when you launch. A successful website will feature special promotions or new events pertaining to your business. A great practice to have is having a blog that you post on a regular basis.

Converting visitors to leads with your website is difficult. Your website is one of many ways to market to your audience. These tips are meant to convert your visitors to leads. Taking these points and adding them to your website can higher your chances of retaining more leads from your website.

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